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Harmony in the Silences:

The Secrets of Good Timing

Jeff Babko

Jeff Babko is world class pianist. He has played for artists ranging from James Taylor to Martin Short and Steve Martin. He has been a member of the ”house band,” Cleto and the Cletones, on The Jimmy Kimmel Show since it first aired in 2003. Jeff is also the son of Bob Babko whom I hired at West Ranch High School to be our Director of Jazz Studies. I have been friends with Bob and his wife, Diane, for over 25 years. Fun fact, Diane’s father, Mr. Duarte, was my junior high school Spanish teacher.


In 2018 Jeff gave a TED Talk in Santa Barbara, "Harmony in the Silences: The Secrets of Good Timing." Jeff talks about how music, like life, is found between the tik and tok of the metronome (our heartbeats). He emphasizes the importance of being a good listener and living life to its fullest.


I found Jeff’s TED Talk to be inspirational, and I hope you will too.



Bob Vincent

November 11, 2020

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