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Los Angeles Valley College
Chamber Chorale
Richard A. Knox, Director

In the summer of 1973, thirty-eight members of the Los Angeles Valley College Chamber Chorale, under the direction of Richard A. Knox, traveled to Autun, France to represent the United States at Europa Cantat V, the Festival of the European Federation of Young Choirs. Thankfully, one of our choir members, Clifford Witte, made an 8mm movie of our trip.Cliff added a soundtrack with music recorded from our concert in Autun, to complete the movie. Bob Vincent transferred the film to VHS, DVD, and eventually .mp4 format for the Internet.


Director: Richard A. Knox Choir Members: Mary Bahrke, Cheryl Birchfield, George Boerstler, Ed Bohanan, Norman Bren, Arthur Broadous, Joe Cadrecha, Judy Comden, Jon Curtsinger, Randy Davis, Gerry Doan, Lisa Edelman, Robert Elder, June Fields, Sandy Galin, Nancy Lee Garig, Kathy Halloran, Lorin Hass, Louise Joy, Joyce Kallerian, Reggie Keith, Jane Koch, Rosita La Marchina, Chryste Manning, Debbie Mark, Lori McAlister, Melanie Nystrom, Debbie Pack, Tom Pease, Mary Purdy, Paul Purdy, Walter Purdy II, Victor Ramirez, John Revheim, Roberta Taylor, Bob Vincent, Bob Walters, Clifford Witte.


Accompanists: Mrs. Margaret Curtin, Mrs. Gloria Goodwin

Los Angeles Valley College
Live Recording, Autun, France

Updated: August 26, 2023

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